Music: Smokepurpp – Remember Me


Though kids these days occasionally struggle with memory, Smokepurpp’s “Remember Me” feels like a presumption question. After all, he hasn’t been gone for that long – at least, not so long enough for his absence to truly resonate. In any case, it’s nice to have him back in the fold.

Today, the young rapper comes through with a melodic single called “Remember Me,” which finds him bringing forth a newfound stylistic direction. Gone is the abrasive neighbor prone to blasting music in the wee hours. Verified

Instead is what passes for introspection, with Purpp even sliding in a few Weeknd-esque falsettos to the best of his ability.

As of now, it’s difficult to say whether “Remember Me” marks a new musical wave, or simply a spontaneous moment of experimentation.

Either way, it’s interesting to see Purpp dabbling in new waters, even if there are a few growing pains. The idea that he’s looking to grow so early in his career is a promising sign, and we can only hope his next project finds him exploring new themes with a grown-ish confidence.

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