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In a writeup dedicated to 2018’s “Breakout Producers, I alluded to D.A. Doman being the modern embodiment of Timbaland, those who read that far into the piece, really thought I was out to lunch.

I get it, Timbaland is a generational talent, kind of off-limits. Frankly, he’s my all-time favorite producer. So with all that said, I implore you to give his “Save That” beat placement that level of consideration, once more. Verified

“Save That” isn’t the only quote-unquote “flute banger” on Rich The Kid’s sophomore project The World Is Yours 2. But it might as well be the most prevalent of the bunch, by order of appointment.

Rich does all the little things well: he’s unremarkable but consistently compact with his lyricism, he adapts well to change, and in this instance, to different kinds of production.

Download Rich The Kid – Save That mp3;

Download Rich The Kid – Save That

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