Music: Megan Thee Stallion – Sex Talk


The Houston rapper dropped off her latest raunchy, raw single just days after she was featured oiled up and straddling a bike for Rolling Stone magazine.

“Sex Talk” is said to be the lead single off of her forthcoming April 2019 sophomore effort, Fever, and the 24-year-old made it clear that when it comes to creating her lane as a woman in rap, she isn’t trying to be the next already established artist. Verified

“I feel like since, like, forever, it has only been, like, one female rapper at a time. And naturally, women are competitive. So I feel like, without beef, hip-hop probably wouldn’t even be what it is, so it’s good to have, like, a little friendly competition here and there,” Megan said.

“I feel like eventually, we’ll all realize that we’re not trying to cross into each other’s lane. Just because we might be rapping about some of the same things, we’re not doing it in the same way. There’s enough room for all of us to eat. So as soon as we can get that together, then we’ll be all right.”

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