Music: Offset Ft. CeeLo Green – North Star


Offset added a layer of depth to the expressions like “lane switch” and “autopilot” after he survived a scary car accident with his life in his hands in 2018.

Offset’s vocabulary now a differentiated level of gratitude, normally associate with MaMa Dukes. On his solo debut, Offset explores a genesis of ideas, which point to an insurrectionist moment taking place right before he got around to figuring out the song lyrics, and the enveloping idea of the whole project. Verified

Why else squander such a symbolically important first chance at the altar? I am most certainly referring to his prospects as a solo artist, not the cards he’s been dealt.

Similar in nature to the choice he made in recruiting Big Rube on the album’s intro, CeeLo Green’s contributions to “North Star” help the insurgent rapper set an apologetic tone, once again.

When CeeLo Green sings of the North Star for its intended purpose as a guiding light, it’s made all the more conceivable. Who better to deliver a hoarse but melodic singing voice, within the state of Georgia.

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