Music: Cuban Doll – Thotiana (Remix)


It had to be done, Cuban Doll is the latest hop on “Thotiana” remix of her own accord, by no means associated with the Blueface original. Reserved seating went to YG and Cardi B unfortunately.

Cuban Doll takes the task of putting her “Thotiana” pedigree with the utmost respect to the unvarnished truth – her “on the nose” depiction both lyrical and cinematic, sees her drum up a SAG award performance on 240p resolution. Verified

She gets on the couch without so much as consenting terms, because the “Thotiana” shoot period is her moment to exhume the holy ghost of Rick James.

“Ass up-face down, turn around,” Cuban Doll raps, as she aptly demonstrates the technique with her head on a swivel.

In all honesty, Cuban Doll’s “remix” if that, is essentially just a refix of Blueface’s hook-happy limerick, the remaining parts play out like the instructional guide for Thot aspirants.

Download Cuban Doll – Thotiana (Remix) mp3;

Download Cuban Doll – Thotiana (Remix)

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