After unburdening herself of R. Kelly’s stranglehold, Aaliyah turned to Timbaland, whose mentoring plan was ultimately less exacting.

But even Timbaland felt a strong magnetism towards his younger pupil. But unlike his predecessor, Timbaland was able to quell the stronger of two impulses, giving rise to a partnership solely based around her malleable talent.

With Timbaland in the fold, more attention was paid to her choreography, to encouraging results.

By the time “More Than a Woman” had dropped months after her death, Aaliyah’s notoriety was back to its all-time high. And yet, her handlers lamented the decision to push “We Need a Resolution” as the lead single, due to a poor sales record.

“More Than a Woman” was next in succession, and the first of many PLANNED posthumous ventures off her self-titled LP.

That album, Aaliyah, will ultimately be viewed as a self-aggrandizing step for a burgeoning star – one who’d finally grown tall enough to reach the pedals by herself.

Download Aaliyah – More Than A Woman mp3;

Download Aaliyah – More Than A Woman

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