Music: Trey Songz – Who Let U Down


Trey Songz surprised the world on Wednesday morning with a new double album. Named after his birthday, 11.28 features ten songs on each side. On the first half of the project, 11, Songz dives into a down to earth single called “Who Let You Down.”

The new single opens with a gorgeous sample while a lady’s voice can barely be heard laughing behind the chopped vocals. Trigga performs a spoken word intro behind a distorted filter before beginning his passionate musings. Verified

“Who Let You Down” hits the emotional and musical sweet spot simultaneously. Songz tries to encourage his partner who has been through a rough patch that she shouldn’t give up on love. We can all relate to being let down by someone we love, making the single empathetic in nature. Songz’s sweet serenade drips over the sample like honey, and their combination is gripping.

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