Music: Trey Songz Ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous – Dont Say Sh*t


Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Fabolous promise that they will keep their lips sealed in their latest outing “Don’t Say Shit.” The new single can be found on the second half of Trey Songz surprise album 11.28. Although the title implies some form of creeping, the song doesn’t necessarily highlight an affair.

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Instead, on the chorus, Chris Breezy reveals that he’s messing with a freak. That’s something he believes should be kept on the low; the act of a gentleman not gossiping about his sexual exploits to his cronies. Verified

Using trustworthy dreamy chords in conjunction with a sensual base loop creates the perfect lust-filled instrumental. Trigga opens the song with a rap verse, and Fabolous takes third verse duties.

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Loso has a way of murdering the finale on singles, something he does effortlessly on this song. He also has a track record of delivering the best R&B and rap collaborations, so this fits perfectly for the Brooklyn-ite.

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