Music: Tekashi 6ix9ine Ft. Tory Lanez – KIKA


The second time coming for Tekashi 6ix9ine and Tory Lanez works like a charm. The first time Tekashi enlisted the infectious spirit of Tory Lanez was on his debut project DAY69, but Tekashi is further along with his creative process than many thought possible. A lengthy bid in the prison system would effectively put an end to his 11 for 11 hot streak.

“KIKA” is molecularly different from the rest of Tekashi’s output, the majority of which can be placed into three definable categories: Latinx crossover, Tekashi-screamers, and a more generic model of exigency. “KIKA” falls in the latter category, of music streamlined to fit a featured artist’s needs and wants. Verified

“KIKA” is “cut up” in a way that allows Tekashi to stay in his preferred time signature. Scott Storch, who produces another two records total on DUMMY BOY, is brave enough to toy with steel drums on “KIKA,” and rightly so. The steel pan effect on a layered drum pattern, often has a spine-tingly effect.

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