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Ella Mai’s significance to DJ Mustard is endearing, but I’m not entirely sold his signature bounce is a good step in terms of her longevity.

But for now at least, let us bask in the fact that an r&b-pop hybrid in the mold of Chris Brown, is being bred from a small test tube. Verified

The energy of her breakout single “Boo’d Up” was galvanized on her debut after a year-long stalemate, much to the delight of her fans.

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On “Sauce,” we find Ella at an advanced stage of her emotional burnout. The lead member of the pit crew signals her in for a tire-change, and Ella complies, but not before digging into her run-flats in rear wheel drive. Gone is the sentimental side she displayed on “Boo’d Up.”

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The song’s spoken word outro performed by hers truly admits as much. “Lust,” she contends, is a four-letter word much like love “but less precious — more like electric veins running fast than frenzy my heart,” making her crave the ill-seeds of the World.

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