Playboy Model Lindsey Pelas Discloses Why She Made A ‘Half Naked’ Calendar

The sizzling Southern belle, who launched her successful modeling career by posing for Playboy, has been keeping busy doing what she does best — striking a pose for cameras.

This year, Pelas has launched a new calendar titled “Nearly Naked” which leaves very little to the imagination. However, Pelas insisted she’s out to promote body positivity.

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The News spoke with Pelas about her Instagram fame, how she copes with critics and the private messages she says she gets from A-listers. sx

Lindsey Pelas: I had moved to Los Angeles and I had been there for about a week. Somebody invited me to the annual Playboy Halloween party, which was the coolest thing ever… I saw Hugh Hefner coming down the stairs for pictures, but he went back inside. He didn’t really attend the party too much. This was only a few years ago, so he may have been pretty sick.

When I posed in 2014, it was kind of the first modeling opportunity I had. So I took it. But it seems so long ago [now] that I can’t really relate to that experience. Playboy has changed so much with their own identity.

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