Music: Sting & Shaggy – Don’t Make Me Wait

Shaggy and Sting have recorded a full-length album together. The title? 44/876, of course; no explanation given or needed.What does one even say? After collaborating on a song intended for a new Shaggy album, the “It Wasn’t Me” hitmaker–who Sting calls “the pope of Jamaica”–and the former Police frontman–whom Shaggy ingeniously calls “Sumner”–decided to widen their scope, drink a lot of rum.

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Refine the sound they’d happened upon. To Rolling Stone, “Sumner” called it, quite simply, “surprising.” It is surprising that it is exists, but to music fans familiar with the sound of both artists, the end musical result is exactly what one might expect: island rhythms folksified on acoustic guitar, extemporaneous and soulful call-and-response vocals, and 1998 drum machine sounds. Verified

Download Sting & Shaggy – Don’t Make Me Wait mp3;

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Download Sting & Shaggy – Don’t Make Me Wait

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